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November 27, 2007


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Welcome to the debut of 23 Things @ The Unquiet Library!  The purpose of this blog is to facilitate self-paced learning and exploration of Web 2.0 tools.  This online learning program is open to students, faculty and staff, and students at Creekview High School.  Participants may begin working on their “23 Things” January 14, 2008 and should complete their learning activities and assignments by April 4, 2008.  Everyone who completes their learning activities on time will be eligible for prizes, which will include gift cards and USB flash drives!

This online learning journey will ask you to complete 23 “Things” or Web 2.0 tools.  Each Thing will show you one more web tool. There are many places for you to explore, experiment with, and think about creative ways to use 2.0 tools in your classroom.

Each week’s “Thing”  begins with a brief explanation of a new web 2.0 topic(s), followed by Discovery Exercises. These exercises give you the background you need to understand the tools you’re learning about. Don’t skip them! After the Discovery Exercises, you’ll find a Thing — activity — to complete. After each Thing you will write about the experience on the blog you will create. In other words, you will comment or “post” to your online log (Blog.) You will learn how to set up a blog in week two. This is a tool to communicate your thoughts, new found skills, ideas, questions, and favorite websites. You’ll receive feedback and encouragement from other participants. In turn, you will provide feedback and encouragement to others. It’s your space!

This is a self-discovery program which encourages participants to take control of their own learning and to utilize their lifelong learning skills through exploration and play. Participants are encouraged to work together and share with each other their discoveries, techniques, and “how to’s” both in person and through their blogs. This course is web-based and not tied to any particular computer.

Mrs. Buffy Hamilton and Mrs. Ruth Fleet, Creekview HS Media Specialists, are the facilitators for this “course.”  If you have any difficulty or need some assistance that you can’t resolve with your fellow “classmates”, come by the library for help from these instructors.  🙂


Thing 1: Getting Started!

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1.  Please begin by reading About This Blog and the introduction/welcome to the program (you may begin anytime after January 14, 2008)

2.  Discover a few pointers from lifelong learners and how to nurture your own learning processes.

It makes sense that before you begin this online learning and discovery journey that we review a few habits that can help  in creating lifelong learners. These habits, called the Seven and 1/2 Habits of Highly Successful Lifelong Learners, will provide you with a refresher on what it means to be a lifelong learner.

The Seven and ½ Habits tutorial is a great introduction to Helene Blowers, the person who put together the very first “23 Things.” [Please note that at the end, where she invited her staff to submit their comments and questions to the We Value Your Opinion! link, DO NOT use that link.]

Discovery Exercise:
1. Make sure you have headphones or speakers attached to your computer.
2. Open up and view the online tutorial.  This excellent  tutorial was developed by the training specialists at the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.
3. As you watch and listen, write down which habit among the 7 & 1/2 that is easiest for you and which is hardest. You will use your personal blog (which you will set up next) to post your thoughts about lifelong learning. Have fun!

Next Thing: Creating your blog!

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